NSFW: Exclusive: The Truth Behind Free Porn

Some Free Pornography

Porn or pornography refers to sexually explicit writing, images, video or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual excitement. It is deemed adult in nature, taking the form of written prose; for instance, books, blogs, magazines; still pictures and art, including photographs, paintings, sculptures, drawings and motion pictures, including real recordings and animations. It also manifests in the form of video games and simulations. It is the depiction of acts, rather than the act in itself, in a sensational way that arouses quick sexual interest and emotional reaction, either to get a person ready for sex with their partner, or for masturbation. It does not include any form of live sexual acts, striptease or live sex shows.

Pornography is an art, depicted by pornographic models who pose for erotic photos or porn stars who act in X-rated films. It should not be confused with prostitution. Free porn is deemed morally obscene by society as sexual matters are considered sensitive and private in nature. Works with an explicit sexual nature have been by law subdued to censorship and restrictions to display and possession. However, in recent decades, society has become more lenient and has come to “accept” XXX films with televised material including movies, documentaries and music videos having some degree of erotic content.


Legality of Porn in the US.

The general far-fetched legal rule prohibits minors from being involved as models in pornographic material. Due to the borderless nature of the internet, there are no distinct or clear laws regulating the distribution, purchase or possession of adult content on the internet. This remains true in the United States, with the legality of X-rated clips mostly determined using the Miller Test.

The Miller test generally leaves the legality of adult films to the local community. This determines its acceptability. If popular opinion deems the XXX clip too obscene, then it is banned. The bias-ness of this test is responsible for the difference in the legality and acceptability in different states. For example, an XXX magazine may be legal in Chicago, but banned in Ohio.

The more distinctive regulations are dictated by the Federal Communications Decency Act of 1998 which prohibits knowingly distributing and transmitting indecent media portraying sexual organs, and the Child Online Protection Act of 1998 which coerced commercial distributors of media considered “harmful to minors” to protect their media and sites from access by minors, either below 18 or 21 years.

Free Sex Videos

Free adult porn videos are available either through non-charged member subscriptions or non-subscription sex tube sites. You are treated to a large archive of pre-recorded XXX clips, or for the more interactive type, live action by Cam-girls who involve you all through the performance. Member- subscribed sex tubes have exclusive services like making viewer-appointments with cam-girls and getting exclusive free XXX by “going private”. This option is more interactive as you get to chat with the models as they perform.

Free pornos are generally categorized into two; softcore and hardcore. Softcore Pornography involves partial nudity and sexually suggestive scenarios, with some level of digression to penetration. Hardcore pornography involves extreme fetish, explicit nudity, vivid penetration, and dominatrix. Genres of erotica are vast and wide, the main ones categorized by race, physical characteristics, age, number of persons involved, fetish and bodily functions.


  • European: Sex videos involving performers who appear to be European.
  • Asian: Erotica clips involving models who appear to be Asian.
  • Ebony: Porn videos acted by persons who appear to be African, African-American or Caribbean.
  • Latina: Involving porn stars from Latin America or Latin Europe who either appear to be Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese.
  • Interracial: Sex between people of different racial backgrounds.
  • Bi-racial: X-rated clips involving a model who is not specifically racially defined.

Physical characteristics

  • BBW: Stands for Big Beautiful Women or Big Butt Woman. Features thick or weight women.
  • Cameltoe: XXX involving women with large labia.
  • Big Bust: Involves women with large breasts, whether natural or implants.
  • Petit: Involves women with small body frames.

Number of persons

  • Masturbation: pornos involving a one person sexually satisfying themselves using fingers, hands or toys.
  • Classic: Erotic involving two persons.
  • Threesome: XXX involving three persons, either two women and one man, or two men and one woman.
  • Gang Bang or Group Sex: Free sex clips involving more than three participants.


  • Mature / MILF: (Moms I’d Like to Fuck) features older women (30 and above) in fantasy scenarios with younger men.
  • Teen Pornography involving young actors from 18 to 20.


These are erotica involving specific likings like pretty feet (foot fetish), long hair (hair fetish), muscles (muscle), or sexy shoes (shoe fetish).


Traditionally, sex videos were focused on lady pornstars. This has, however, changed in recent years, with male porn stars gaining recognition. Some of the most renowned pornstars include: Lisa Ann, Pamela Anderson, Jenna Jameson and Esperanza Gomez.

According to recent nominations from the top Porn Awards, the top porn stars include:

  • Mick Blue
  • Ryan Driller
  • Best Actresses.
  • Adriana Chechik
  • Aidra Fox

Porn Producers

Adult movies are growing into Hollywood status, with producers also getting awards for properly scripted, directed and shot erotica. Top producers include:

  • Brad Armstrong
  • Manuel Ferrara
  • Greg Lansky
  • Jules Jordan

Porn Awards

The free pornography industry has prestigious awards for acts that stand out from the crowd. Some of the top porn awards include.

  • The Adult Video News (AVN) Awards.
  • The Prowler Porn Awards.
  • The XRCO Awards.
  • The Spank Bank Awards.
  • The Feminist Porn Awards.

Top Sex Tubes

Sex tube websites are sites that exclusively offer porno clips and videos, both professional and amateur. No XXX galleries are offered here. A sex tube is only as good as its user-friendliness, archive of content and affiliations to porn sites. Some of the best sex tubes include:

  • Video.Apornstories.com
  • XNXX
  • Xhamster
  • Xvideos
  • Sexoficator
  • Porn Hub
  • Tubes.Asexstories.com

I recommend Video.Apornstories.com as it has a simple yet colorful user interface, enabling you to hover over the video and watch a short preview of what it has. It also has a vast archive of XXX clips including animations, bondage, and wrestling fetish.

Top Porn Sites

These are the overall best and most popular porn sites, including those offering galleries and cam-girl services. They are considered the best according to the traffic they receive. They include:

  • Reality Kings
  • Naughty America
  • Brazzers
  • Bang Bros
  • Babes.com

If you are a huge fan of free porn, I recommend Reality Kings and Brazzers as they have a rich database, updated on a daily basis and the best cam-girl services.