First Look: Teaser Posters For Spider-Man 3D & Men In Black 3

Without a shadow of a doubt they’ll be two of the biggest blastbusters of 2012. Marc Webb’s Spider-Man 3D and Barry Sonnenfeld’s Men In Black 3 will deliver on spectacle and all round cinematic awesomeness… we hope.

Sony have drawn up two teaser posters, and although rather basic, it’s the first look we have of any promo material for these productions, so we can’t exactly complain… especially because these films aren’t even shooting yet!

While Peter Parker goes back to high school with a new face and body in the form of British actor Andrew Garfield, Men in Black 3 features the return of Agents J and K played by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Co-starring is Josh Brolin and Jermaine Clement as chief villain, a biker named Yaz.

It’ll certainly be interesting for fans to decide whether this new Spider-Man swings and rocks as much as Sam Raimi’s much-loved films. After all, we started the year expecting Spidey 4 with John Malkovich and Anne Hathaway signing up as the villains. Then all of a sudden Raimi walks away and Sony plows ahead not with a fourth film, but a complete re-spinning of the franchise. Fast work!

On the Men in Black 3 front, it was touch and go for a long time to whether Tommy Lee Jones would return as Agent K. At first rumours spread Josh Brolin was replacing him, but it’s since been confirmed he’s an addition to the cast, not a replacement.

Spider-Man 3D is released worldwide from 3rd July, 2012

Men in Black 3 is released worldwide from 25 May, 2012

Source: Collider