Worry Not, Five Live Listeners, Worry Not

Mayo and Kermode “Worry not” Mayo and Kermode tell Twitter as Five Live Programme looks set to move to Radio 2

Eagle eyed users of the BBC News website would have noticed an interesting footnote to this morning’s announcement that Terry Wogan is to step down as the host of BBC Radio 2’s breakfast show.

Wogan is to be replaced in January by flamed follicled specmare, Chris Evans, leaving his drivetime slot vacant. The BBC new website reported here that Simon Mayo, currently the host of the Five Live afternoon show that incorporates Mark Kermode’s film review slot, would fill the void, putting the future of the hugely successful film segment into doubt.

Mayo and Kermode have been entertaining film fans since 2005, with the programme famous for the critic’s impassioned destruction of Hollywood Blockbusters. His memorable rant about the failings of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 saw Mayo leave his chair in web-cast to get a newspaper which he then read for the remainder of the review.

Anticipating fans concerns, Mayo and Kermode’s Twitter account @witterntainment, simply posted two words “Don’t worry” earlier this morning, quickly followed up with “Really. Don’t worry.” The assurance will be a relief to fans of the weekly film centered joust, as the banter between the zealous film critic and his eye rolling DJ foil, have become one of the highlights of the BBC’s weekly film coverage.