Walking Dead Promo Images

Zombies are quite the ubiquitous movie monster at the moment. It can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. All things go commercial. While purists will moan like a horde of flesh eaters, the zombies mainstream popularity has led eventually to an awesome t.v show called The Walking Dead.

Dawn of the Dead was something of a religious experience for me back in the late 1990s when I first saw it, but if you’d have put it to me that there would be t.v. series centred around the zombie apocalypse some of us are one day praying will happen, I’d have laughed and said something like ‘bollocks’ or ‘of course there will, you crazy fool’. Add Frank Darabont into the mix and it gets even more surreal…but very true.

To celebrate the launch of filming on AMC’s Frank Darabont television show, The Walking Dead, they released a bunch of promo images via /Film for the world to salivate over like a bunch of “living of the dead” (who can tell me the reference?) fiends at a human meat “all you can eat” buffet.

I’m still waiting to see how much blood and guts they’ll be since it’s a t.v. show. Remember, zomboids don’t nip like hamsters, they bite and tear like a fat kid on a Big Mac. The signs are very good though, especially since comic book creator Robert Kirkman is actively involved and writing episodes. The style of the zombies looks reminiscent of the comics too.

The Walking Dead began shooting today and will be aired in the US around October time.