Teresa Palmer Cast In Mad Max 4: Fury Road?

It feels like George Miller Day here at Filmshaft. What with news coming out about two of his next projects. He’s a busy guy! Anyway, Teresa Palmer is like the sun: scorching hot. And according to her Sorcerer’s Apprentice co-star Jay Baruchel, the young lady has been chosen by Miller to star in Mad Mad 4: Fury Road. There’s been no official word from the director or Palmer’s agents. So should this news be taken with a punch load of salt (pinch or punch?). The actor blabbed to Australian rag the Herald Sun, saying:

“She’s going to be there for over a year. It’s really, really cool.”

British guy Tom Hardy has taken over the role that catapulted Mel Gibson to stardom, and quite frankly, it’s sad news. Gibson is young enough (just about) to play Max Rockatansky one last time. Instead, he chose not to do it…unless it’s all a clever ruse to make the world believe he’s not doing it…or he’s just “definitely” not doing it. Which is sad because Gibson owns the role.

The Hurt Locker’s Jeremy Renner revealed last year he auditioned for the role (and he would have been brilliant), but Miller ultimately chose Tom Hardy. Charliza Theron was rumored to be attached to play the female lead, but could Teresa Palmer have stolen the role from under her nose?

It’s been twenty-five years since we last saw Mad Max left to his fate in the harsh deserts of Australia. Last year Miller was showing off the cars he’d designed to the press, so this project is definitely revving up for production in the Outback later in the year. Apparently, it’s going to be a 30 week shoot, so they’d better stock up on sun lotion and big hats.

Stay tuned for more Mad Max news throughout this year.