Karl Urban Talks Priest And Star Trek Sequel

This past weekend, Spike TV held their annual Scream Awards (more on that later today), at the event the folks at Collider got the chance to talk to “Star Trek” and “Priest” actor, Karl Urban. The obvious topic on their fanboy lips was of course, Star Trek 2.

Urban starred in this year’s J.J. Abrams-directed Star Trek as Leonard “Bones” McCoy, so who better to ask about part 2 right? According to Collider:

Urban said “It would be great to have another Star Trek out for 2011.” He explained a script is in the works and that co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman expect a draft to be completed by December. As far as details are concerned, Urban is just as anxious to see where the second film will take the crew of the USS Enterprise as we are.

Well I’m glad to hear it! Given the fan reaction and overall success of this year’s Trek outing, I would say that a 2011 release for the sequel is highly likely. However not the types to stick to one subject for too long, the Collider folks soon moved on to another Urban-esque film, the aforementioned Priest:

In the tail end of the video Urban addresses another film he’s working on called Priest based on a Korean comic series by Hyung Min-Woo. It stars Paul Bettany as Ivan Isaacs, a priest who defies the church by hunting down a group of vampires who’ve kidnapped his niece. Urban doesn’t reveal any juicy details but does confirm that his costume consists of “lots of cool shit.”

Check out the full video interview below, courtesy of, oh you know the name!