Jon Favreau Reveals Cowboys & Aliens Image Is Daniel Craig

Boy was I wrong! I admit it. I stand corrected. A couple of days ago Jon Favreau put out an image of a cowboy shadowed and back-lit to reveal nothing more than the fact it was a man dressed as a cowboy. Surely it couldn’t be the film’s main star Daniel Craig. No chance, I said. Turns out it was after all. Collider grabbed Favreau at a Q&A for a rare screening of The Empire Strikes Back, Favreau revealed it was indeed Mr. Daniel Craig, explaining:

“That’s him. We couldn’t really show too much because he didn’t want to reveal any images on Twitter but I wanted to kind of get a sense of the feel of it. He’s also somebody who plays an iconic figure that has a long tradition. So to have him playing a cowboy, I feel very good now having shot him and worked with him and hearing his thoughts. And the whole cast is great.”

Favreau seems very excited at the prospect of working with Harrison Ford, describing him as:

“He’s like our John Wayne. He’s our generation’s John Wayne.”

So there you have it, folks. Cowboys & Aliens will be filming soon and released next year. Favreau is fast becoming a great mainstream director, no?