First Look: Mission: Impossible IV Photos!

Brad Bird is directing this fourth instalment of the Mission: Impossible franchise and we have been told it won’t be called Mission: Impossible 4, or IV if you like Roman numerals. So what the hell are they going to call a franchise movie known featuring the characters of the Mission: Impossible series? Kicking: Impossible?

The first set photos have leaked featuring Tom Cruise dressed as a Russian guard – with a big moustache!

Additions to the cast include Jeremy Renner, Paula Patton, Josh Holloway and Michael Nyvist from the Swedish language version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. See! Hollywood has got him playing a baddie already. They sure love to typecast foreigners.

The production is filming right now (obviously) and taking in such locations as Prague, Vancouver and Dubai. Paramount are looking to release the film in December 2011. Does the world need another Ethan Hunt saga? Well Tom Cruise sure as shit does after the duds he’s been firing off lately. Never should have jumped up and down on that couch, dude.

Returning to the series is Simon Pegg’s stereotypical Brit and series stalwart Ving Rhames as Luther. So look out for the next Ethan Hunt flick from 16th December, 2011.