FilmShaft Exclusive! The Stars Align For Clash Of The Titans World Premiere With The SEQUEL Waiting In The Wings

The stars were out in force tonight in London’s Leicester Square as the CLASH OF THE TITANS World Premiere took place at a heavily-dressed Empire Theatre. Even a little wet English weather wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of these hardened greeks, as the cast came out in force to greet the fans and press alike and promote the remake of the classic 1981 fantasy epic.

Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation, Avatar), Gemma Arterton (Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), Nicholas Hoult (Skins, Kidulthood), Alexa Davalos (Defiance), Jason Flemyng (Solomon Kane, Kick-Ass), Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale), Tamar Hussan (The Business, Layer Cake), Luke Treadaway (Clapham Junction) and director Louis Leterrier were all among the celebrities to walk down the heavily-dressed up red carpet for the A-List event.

FilmShaft were on hand to film proceedings, and what an event it was! Fans were treated to a full-scale set of collumns, pyrotechnics and soldiers as Leicester Square became Ancient Greece for the evening, in tribute to the on-screen gods of the picture. Quite apt considering the fact that the heavens truly opened!

I was also seemingly given a little gift from the gods this evening, as Tamar Hussan, who plays Ares God of War in the picture gave us a little tidbit about the inevitable sequel. While discussing his role in the big-budget blockbuster, Hussan dropped this bombshell regarding Clash of the Titans 2:

“They want this one to do well so they can go ahead with the sequel, Return of the Gods.”

I’m sorry? Was that a title for the as-yet unannounced sequel I heard there? It seems that previous speculation regarding a possible trilogy may indeed be right – with the title of the sequel (working title at least) currently RETURN OF THE GODS. The title itself says it all really, while it’s no doubt incredibly early days for the project, and it’s clear that it’s future relies heavily on the success of Titans, you can expect to see more of Perseus, Zeus, Hades and dare I say – Ares on screen in the near future!

Check back later this week for our exclusive footage from the event, and our Clash of the Titans review!