Director Chris Smith Approached To Direct Pride And Prejudice And Zombies?

God bless Twitter. While perusing the news feed this morning I came across a mysterious but heavily suggestive message via the ace Clout Communications regarding director Christopher Smith (Severance, Black Death) and the possibility he could jump into the seat vacated by the likes of David O. Russell and Mike White on Pride, Prejudice & Zombies.

On Twitter, Clout Communications put a shout out under: ‘message from Chris Smith re: Pride, Prejudice & Zombies’:

“I’m in discussion with my agent about various film projects-watch this space”

Now of course nothing is mentioned but it’s a potentially interesting mix. Smith proved with Severance he could handle horror and comedy with aplomb. Black Death, his most recent flick, was pretty cool. The project based on Seth Grahame-Smith’s literary mash up has been fraught with danger and rejections. Natalie Portman left followed by David O. Russell. Screenwriter Mike White signed up for a tale of ninjas, romance, zombies and afternoon tea before he left, too.

So then we’ll watch this space and see whether it pans out. Smith is certainly a director on the up and Black Death will surely have some people taking notice. Let’s hope it works out for him. Somebody’s got to save this project from rotting like a corpse.

Source: Twitter.