Could Michael Fassbender Be Haunted By The Woman In Black?

If there’s one film in pre-production that I’m very, very excited about, it’s James Watkins’ adaptation (screenplay by Jane Goldman) of Susan Hill’s chilling The Woman in Black.

Ace actor Michael Fassbender has already appeared in Watkins’ excellent thriller Eden Lake, but could they be teaming up once again for The Woman in Black? There’s been lots of rumors flying around recently, and well, they’re exactly that. How do I know? I asked James Watkins myself!

The director told me there’s no casting decisions of any kind yet, but he’s certainly not against the idea of working with Fassbender again. Personally, I see the actor as the perfect fit to play the doomed solicitor who becomes haunted by a vengeful apparition.

Come back next week for our ‘exclusive chat’ with one of the UK’s most promising directors and get the low-down on what could be one of the scariest British flicks for years. And if you haven’t seen Eden Lake, then I can’t recommend it enough.