Corey Feldman Plans More Lost Boys Films

Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys was a classic of 1980s youth cinema. It was dangerous, it was sexy, it was just cool. Alas, the sequel from a couple of years ago – Lost Boys 2: Surf Vampires Must Die – or whatever the hell was it called dug up the fine reputation of the original and danced around with it under the moonlight like the film-makers were re-enacting a macabre scene from the life of Ed Gein.

What I’m saying, in a roundabout kind of way, is iconic cult status is threatened by utterly pants (and unwanted) sequels!

The third movie – Lost Boys: The Thirst is already in the can and will be winging its way to a bargain bin near you shortly. Corey Feldman told Bloody Disgusting he’s got grand plans for the franchise:

“We have a master plan, much like the STAR WARS kind of baseline if you will. We’ve pretty much plotted out at this point three more films that we could see happening. We’re going all kinds of places that are really interesting. Everybody was waiting for the Frog brothers to get back together and now we accomplished that with this film.”

Of course Feldman is dreaming and seriously misguided in his efforts. He also talked about a comic book series and a television show. Is the man back on drugs? The Frog Brothers were never the raison d’etre of Lost Boys, just quirky peripheral characters. Wrapping whole movies around them is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

Who wants to bet it’ll be utter shit?